The Macallan, a 15+ year client, needed to spread mass awareness about its opening an iconic and unprecedented new distillery and visitor center in Scotland, six years and $186 million in the making. We developed a global campaign bringing the new distillery experience to consumers and stakeholders through an array of engaging experiences and custom content, entirely shot, designed, and produced by M Booth.

An interactive virtual experience allowed consumers anywhere in the world—at an event, on their mobile phones, on our social media pages, or in a retail store—to explore the new distillery as if they were really there and choose their own path to learn more about the history and heritage of The Macallan and its unrivaled whisky-making process. In-person events featured an immersive 4D “Cube” that brought the new distillery to life within a large interactive booth structure.

An in-person guide took guests through an immersive, multisensorial 4D experience featuring 360-degree panoramic content of the new distillery projected on large-scale walls of the booth. From Hong Kong to Mexico City to NYC and beyond, our installations and VR technology brought the distillery to the world.

RESULTS: In the U.S., the activation resulted in: 4,100 new members to The Macallan “New Masters” CRM program through on-site CRM sign-up and preregistration; the cost per acquisition was five times better than what we typically spend on our CRM acquisition ads; 3,500 consumers visiting our activation in Grand Central and sampling The Macallan over a span of two and a half days; and 90-plus earned media placements about the new distillery and experience at Grand Central in top outlets including The New York Times (print and online), Condé Nast Traveler, Ad Week, and more.

M Booth Macallan Distillery Experience M Booth Macallan Distillery Experience

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Visit a Scotch Distillery From the Comfort of Grand Central

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Get Free Macallan Scotch at Grand Central Station Starting...Now

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The Macallan Created a Virtual Reality Tour of Its New Whisky Distillery


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