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Alexa, How Do I Brine a Turkey?

Morton Salt

Morton Salt challenged us to grow a key product line of Kosher Salt and educate consumers on the right use of salts around the holiday season. Our research revealed that the joy of the holidays also brings tremendous stress, especially for the host. We seized on an opportunity to help ease the tension, particularly for our target, millennial cooks.

Armed with Google data showing that interest in turkey brining was higher than ever, we created Morton Brine Time, a 21st century technological solution that challenged the Butterball hotline and helped thousands of consumers master the holiday’s centerpiece dish.

Morton Salt’s Alexa Skill allowed home cooks to talk turkey hands-free, answering any questions they had about brining and securing coverage in outlets read by millennials during the busy holiday season. In just two weeks, nearly 3000 unique users interacted with the Morton Brine Time skill through 15,500+ conversations, and total sales of Morton Kosher Salts increased by 8.5% during the holiday.

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