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Ask Perry Ellis Alexa Skill

Perry Ellis

In a quickly evolving retail market, the Perry Ellis brand was losing relevance among millennial men. Research showed that the brand was viewed as outdated and lacked a distinctive image. We needed to modernize the Perry Ellis brand and appeal to the young millennial male target, while staying true to the brand’s roots.

We conducted a survey on men’s dressing habits and found that nearly three-quarters of men wished there was a way to make getting dressed every day or for a special occasion easier. Based on our research, we knew we had to intersect the target male shopper using engaging and innovative technology that solves a problem and drives a seamless shopping experience. Our solution? An Amazon Alexa skill for guys who need help figuring out what to wear for the many events on their calendar.

Programmed for nearly 200 dressing occasions, the Alexa Skill responds with an appropriate look and sends the selection to the user’s Alexa app and email where he can click through to to add items to his cart to purchase. To launch the Skill, we hosted the first-ever Alexa-moderated fashion presentation and live streamed it on Perry Ellis’ Facebook page.

Perry Ellis International attributed their positive Q3 earnings of a 3% revenue increase partially to the launch of Ask Perry Ellis, and the campaign won a Glossy Award for Best Campaign by a Fashion Brand.

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