We sat down with style guru and lifestyle influencer Shae Carroll to get the inside scoop on his work, his experience with brands, and everything that makes influencer marketing so appealing

How would you identify yourself as an influencer?

I would say I’m a lifestyle and fashion influencer. I use those loosely because I see a lot of other influencers out there who embody those styles much more than me. I just like to share my crazy, vibrant, and silly life. 

What stands out for you when a brand reaches out to collaborate?

I always have the best reactions when I can tell the brand/agency knows me or is familiar with my type of content. In the age of micro-influencers I feel like I’m getting regular generic emails or messages and that’s always a turn off. Something as simple as calling out a recent post or little acknowledgment that they’ve even seen my content always resonates with me. My recent favorite miss was a bra brand asking if I wanted to collab! 

Why do you think influencer marketing is important?

Social media has grown and changed so much in the last 5-10 years and so many people are actively checking and consuming so much content every day. Personally, I’m unfazed by advertisements but if I see a coat or a pair of shoes on someone I follow and like then I’m definitely more likely to research that than if I was served an ad on the same platform. 

What’s the best way to approach influencers to collaborate/partner with them?

Be real and direct. Cut through the clutter with some originality and relationship building. If I see an email from the team at M Booth, I’m definitely going to take a look because I know the team and they’ve taken the time to get to know me, which is always a better opportunity than those blanket emails that are sent. 

How do you see influencer work changing/growing in the coming year?

I think people are becoming more aware of what’s real and authentic and what’s forced. There are new influencer marketing tools popping up daily and its perpetuating the saturation. Everyone’s an influencer these days! 🙂 

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