In M Booth’s latest rendition of what’s next during the Coronavirus pandemic, the top question we are getting from brands is, “should we still be posting social content and overall, what should our consumer communications look like?”

To answer that, I’ve compiled some recommendations and insights here. Overall, we believe consumer patience for irrelevant brand messages and “empty kumbaya sentiment” is at an all-time low and there is a good deal of inbox fatigue, which makes having a real reason to communicate very important.


  • Add value vs. a ‘look at me’ approach (action vs. values).
  • Be helpful, make a meaningful contribution, and stay customer-centric. Communicate new developments, like special store hours for seniors, or helpful info, such as ways to access services from home.
  • Don’t sell or be opportunistic. Ambulance-chasing won’t be well-received. No, that eye cream isn’t going to reduce my stress, but thank you.
  • Stay in your lane. Don’t give out health advice. Leave it up to the CDC.
  • Be sensitive: Scrap what no longer makes sense (for example, let’s not put out social content around hosting dinner parties) and pause content until conversations lighten up (such as sponsored influencer content).

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Here are some of our favorite recent articles on this topic.


Here are few positive headlines from brands doing it right.

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