Sally Alfis

Senior Account Supervisor

  • What is your expertise?


  • Education:

    Syracuse University

  • Known around the office as:

    Syracuse Superfan, Fluttering Angel, Do-It-Yourself Maven, Girl with the Curly Hair and Smile, Honorary Mayor of Hoboken

  • Big Apple Bar or Restaurant Recommendation:

    Depends on the neighborhood - though my fav place to hang out with friends over drinks and a cheap meal is The Frying Pan.

  • If you could fill an entire room with one thing, what would it be?

    An amazing group of friends with a terrific selection of food and drink (ok, that’s not one).

  • TV you’re typically watching?

    "Mad Men" or PBS cooking/travel shows

  • Favorite Book:

    "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein

  • One sound that drives you crazy:

    Noisy people outside my apartment right as I’m trying to go to sleep…state zitto (be quiet)!

  • Sometimes before you go to bed you:

    Overanalyze everything I have to do the next day and stress myself out (not sometimes…ALL the time). On a happier note, sometimes I sneak a bowl of Cheerios.

  • What sparks your creativity?